Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Visit to Gordon College

Two of our children attended Gordon College (Jayme and John), a Christian college just north of Boston. We always welcome the opportunity to share about Gordon College when any of our boarding students inquire about a Christian college.

Ina has had an interest in Gordon for over a year and since we were traveling to visit Ellen this past weekend we decided to make a short detour to Gordon. Diana (Mengli) who was with us had never been to a Christian college campus and decided she too would like to visit the campus.

Students had an opportunity to talk to professors in the academic areas of their interest. Ina talked to people in the education department as well as the chair of the French department. Diana hung out with a phyics professor. They also had an opportunity to attend classes, talk to students and attend chapel. They both also made it to the cover of the Gordon Blog.


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