Sunday, October 04, 2009

Cooking Chinese

Each week our Admissions office is stacked with care packages from around the world. The care packages are sent by mothers wanting their children to have some food that is native to their own land. So food items like kimchi, squid and bamboo shoots find their way to Dover Foxcroft, Maine.
While all of our boarding students eat their meals in our dining hall students also enjoy cooking some of the "goodies" that their mothers have sent. Our apartment has become one of the places for students to bring items from their care packages and cook a meal that reminds them of home.

Dottie in particular is very good in the kitchen with students. It is amazing how these young students quickly bond with Dottie as they enjoy the nurturing of a mother. It reminds us that these students are still just children in need of sense of belonging. We hope we provide that in a very small way.


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