Monday, September 21, 2009

Life in the Dorm

For the past twenty years Dottie and I have lived in our home here in Dover Foxcroft where we raised our seven children. In recent years we have used our 6 bedroom victorian home to host several international students, many staying with us for two and three years.

This fall with the opening of the Academy's new on campus student and faculty residendence hall Dottie and I decided we may enjoy living a few night of the week with 50 teenage students. Some of our own children are wondering if we are suffering a severe case of "empty-nest syndrome", we have assured them we are not...we just enjoy kids.

We are keeping our house and go "home" often, but also are learning that "home" is in part an issue of the heart. We enjoy life in the dorm with students and other faculty members and we are beginning to feel at "home." The pictures are of the dorm itself as well as Dottie at our kitchen table working on what else- physics lab reports!


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