Thursday, June 18, 2009

Graduation Day Arrives

As parents and grandparents we often ask, "where does the time go?" For Dottie and I it seems as if it were yesterday that some of these students arrived at Foxcroft Academy. Through the years most of them have been in our home more than once. In the case of Gun Yang we saw him almost everyday last year since he was dating one of the girls living with us. For Nam Yeon Lee we saw her every Wednesday night as she attended a bible study that Dottie lead for teenage girls. (picture to left is of Dottie pinning Nam with her graduation flower)

They all have touched our lives in ways that we will never forget. We will miss all of them, but already have plans for a few of them to visit us next Christmas and on their college breaks. We are proud of all them and wish them great success as they move forward with their lives.
(picture to the right: Gun Yang, Nam Yeon Lee and Young Il Lee)


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